Rosemarie Caffarelli                                

 Artist Statement

When I work with pastel or oils, I am able to express myself through colors and shapes.,    My work is done mostly in Plein Air, which means on site.  In that way I become one with my subject.  As I progress into the piece, the weather plays a large part.  Temperature, humidity, sun and location all contribute to my finished painting.

 I begin by focusing on a specific area that I am comfortable with.  After I set up my materials and easel I begin to sketch my subject.  In that way I get a feel for the challenge ahead.  I pick and choose what will be in the painting, allowing a specific scene to develop.  As my composition developed, I decide where my center of interest will be.

 Next I choose colors that I feel will compliment my work.  In choosing my colors I then decide weather the painting will be warm or cool.  The season, subject and area dictate my range of color and value.  I try to pick colors that will compliment the piece knowing I need lights, middle value and darks.

 I feel the piece is done when I am comfortable with it and it has come together in a pleasing way.  At that time I may make minor changes or just stop.   With the forgiving nature of pastel and oil I can always go back into the painting.


 Growing up in Adirondack area of  New York State with its many Lakes and never ending forests,  played an important part in my life.  My family and I took numerous trips to Lake George, Lake Champlain, Saratoga Lake and others.  I can remember the smell of fresh pine and the beautiful trees that surrounded me. 

 I have always had a constant desire to draw and paint spending much time with my sketch pad and watercolors.  There was, and still is, an undeniable need for expression through my art.  I am self taught coming from a family of painters, dancers and singers.  I can be found, all too often, dancing around my studio with a paint brush in my hand.

 For nearly 25 years, watercolor was my main form of artistic expression.  I took many classes and workshops devoted to that medium.  Since that time, pastel and oil have become another way for me to express the relationship of color and light.  I am a plein-air painter, spending much time out of doors, one on one with my subject.

 Most of my life was spent on the east coast until my move to Portland, Oregon in 1989.  I was overwhelmed by the beauty of its natural areas, its coast, majestic mountains and pristine green spaces.  It has been my home since that time.

 Painting is a constant learning experience.  Each time I start a piece II am presented with a new set of challenges causing me to grow and flourish. Painting has become an obsession with me and I feel driven to paint and create.